New phase array SatCom system for superyachts

The ZipPhaser is a breakthrough in two-way satellite communications coupled with the iDirect Evolution X5 HUB support. The ZipPhaser's low profile 5.9" phase array antenna system is designed to provide highspeed broadband communications for superyachts. Our network reaches the globe with KU band service at broadband speeds.

P & L International, Inc., a provider of innovative marine based satellite communication solutions, announced today "ZipPhaser", a breakthrough maritime communication system. Initially designed for military applications, "ZipPhaser" is commercially available for the very first time. The system is designed to meet the highest performance Internet and Telephonic demands while underway at sea.

The "total solution package" consists of a low profile (5.9" high) phase array satellite antenna with virtually no moving parts, a next generation satellite router/controller, the iDirect Evolution X5. The system maximizes the efficiency of satellite capacity with spread spectrum support for small profile antennas. The X5's automatic beam switching (ABS) was designed for phase array antennas such as the "ZipPhaser" with capability to provide seamless region-to-region connectivity on high earth orbit KU band satellite transponders. This is accomplished with iDirects Global Network Management System (GNMS).

Teleport services include Internet broadband, Cell phone and 24/7 network control and support. The P&L maritime satellite system is targeted for super yachts where reliable, uninterrupted and high speed business communications are critical. The immediate advantage of ZipPhaser is in the flat panel array KU band antenna that provides maritime vessels with less wind drag than conventional stabilizing radome antennas. ZipPhaser automatically searches for, acquires and maintains the designated satellite frequency via control of the azimuth, elevation and polarization angles. The automatic beam switching gives maritime vessels seamless transition from one ocean region to the next with no interruption of service.

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