New power system concept for Royal Huisman Shipyard

WhisperPower BV, the Dutch designer and manufacturer of smart power solutions, is preparing the supply of a 100 kW power generation system, consisting of two Genverter 50 kW variable speed generators, which will be installed in a 40 metres plus sailing yacht. In addition, a 50 kW integrated flywheel generator, also known as a shaft generator, will be supplied as an additional power source.

The WhisperPower systems are connected to a Lithium ION LiFePo4 battery, large enough to provide electrical power to the various on-board consumers during “silent time”, i.e. during the night. The Genverter generators can be put on a high or low energy mode, and will be switched off during “battery silent time”.

High Power sine wave inverters take over the on-board AC power provision automatically. The battery bank can also be charged by the integrated flywheel generator during navigation. Among the key benefits of this innovative power solution are a dramatic reduction of the ecological footprint, a substantial reduction in the fuel required to generate the hotel load, and a similar reduction in the maintenance costs for the power plant in hotel load.

Redundancy is provided by dividing the power sources into four: - two variable speed Genverter generators of 50 kW each, which can operate in parallel- one integrated flywheel generator- one Lithium battery In addition, the Genverter generators are about 50% smaller compared with traditional generators and are extremely silent.

Delivery of the Genverters and integrated flywheel generator is planned for late 2012.

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