New protection system for spars in transit

P & M Packing have developed a new system for packing masts and spars of all sizes, suitable for either aluminium or carbon construction. Called Spar-Protect, the system can be packed around delicate or valuable spars for any size of craft from a dinghy to a superyacht. At the same time the system packages and protects vulnerable areas while the rig or spar is being loaded or in transit. It can also protect the spar while in storage on racks.

Spar-Protect is made from strips of hardboard that are sandwiched between sheets of specialist plastic to form a product that can be wrapped around spars. This, combined with a carefully designed ‘bubble-wrap’, and reinforced strengthening around lifting points, creates the best possible protection for spars in transit. The new system has been thoroughly tested and is currently being used for spars in transit. Initial reports are very positive:

“We have been exporting spars for many years and damage in transit is a potentially costly risk that we must always be aware of. We were keen to try this new system from P&M Packing; on face value it could provide a light weight, flexible and easily handled packaging system. Andy’s team wrapped the spars on site and assembled the battened lift points which were constructed in such a way as to ensure the spar never touched the ground or the lifting equipment. When unpacked, the spar was just as it left our workshops and the Spar-Protect system fulfilled all of my expectations”
Marcus Royle - Formula Yacht Spars - Lymington

“It is vital that the Spars are protected for transport, but importantly - Spar Protect – is a simple & practical method to resemble a Spar in transit not a wooden crate! All too important with the delicate & sophisticated materials used in Spar design these days – it works, well done Andy.”
Crispin Holworthy - MD Portacraft Ltd.

“We were delighted to find the spinnaker pole in immaculate condition when it arrived as it is so easy for it to get damaged”
Velsheda Onshore Manager.

As specialists in protective packing of spars for many years, P & M Packing recommend this system for all spars in transit, whether aluminium, wood or carbon. The system is ideal for any spar whatever the size - from dinghy spars packed together, or a 55 metre (180’) superyacht mast. Priced at around £40.00 per metre, the system offers a greatly reduced risk of damage to valuable products, which can be vulnerable while being loaded or in transit. Fore more information please visit:



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