New Radio Holland service location in United Kingdom

Imtech Marine Group and Radio Holland Group announce that as per 1st January 2009, a new Radio Holland service location in the southern part of the United Kingdom has been established. The office of Imtech Marine & Offshore in the UK will perform service activities for navigation and communication equipment, ‘trading as Radio Holland’.

Radio Holland Group is a specialized company in the supply, installation, integration and service of maritime electronics and is also known as satellite airtime provider. The company employs more than 900 people worldwide in more than 60 own branches, strategically located along all major shipping routes. Radio Holland is a member of the Imtech Marine Group.

Imtech Marine & Offshore UK will, with direct support from Radio Holland, perform service activities from their service station in the Southampton area. The service area is the United Kingdom including Ireland. Predominantly the office will focus on deep sea and coastal shipping, both on board UK ships as well as serving international shipping visiting UK ports. To be able to offer quality service, an experienced and trained maritime electronics engineering crew has been established at IM&O UK. Next to spot service, Radio Holland and Imtech will also aim to expand the sales of electronic equipment in this area as well as Managed Services Agreements.

Dé Slager, CEO of the Radio Holland Group, says: "It is important for Radio Holland to have finally established a service location in the UK, being an important shipping nation. With its large coastal area and many ports, the United Kingdom offers us many new service opportunities and now we can offer our customers service and support 'on the spot' in the UK. This is also a significant step in the synergy process within the Imtech Marine Group. It is a good example of how we can join forces and expertise to be a stronger player in the global maritime market."

Bob Carling, Managing Director of Imtech Marine & Offshore UK says: "We are pleased that we can now offer the services of Radio Holland to the UK shipping market. With a worldwide co-coordinated approach to fleet servicing, and with real visibility of the costs incurred maintaining on board electronics, ship operators are now able to make sound business decisions on future electronic equipment based on real data backed up from the whole marine industry."

Managed Services Agreements and Global Service System
Radio Holland offers shipowners the possibility of Managed Services Agreements. These service agreements make sure that all equipment on board will always be functional and operational, in compliance with the regulations, so the shipowner will not face the risk of running into risk or delays. MSA is a product 'umbrella name' for various management services agreements: Shore Based Maintenance Coordination, Full Maintenance and Performance Related Maintenance. Radio Holland monitors the usage and handles maintenance and repairs of the equipment. All information is recorded in the Radio Holland Global Service System, a unique Management Information System recording all services and actions taken worldwide and securing effective service results, fast situation assessment and providing valuable management information for shipowners. Service calls for the UK will also be processed in the Global Service System. The shipping market is increasingly interested in MSA’s. Radio Holland can support shipowners to manage their fleet as effectively as possible.

The UK office address details are as follows:

Imtech Marine & Offshore Limited
Unit 9, Merchant Court
Koppers Way
Monkton Business Park South
Tyne & Wear
NE31 2EX
Tel: +44 (0)1642 567100
e-mail: [email protected]



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