New semi carbon tender delivered on board Project 12

The new semi carbon tender by v-type has been designed and built specifically to accommodate the needs of a midsize super yacht garage to maximize size and reduce the weight of the tender, at 6.5 meters overall the low profile design of this tender is 1200mm and weighs in dry at 1500 Kgs which makes it perfect for the garage requirement.

Designed specifically for Cantieri di Pisaโ€™s famed Akhir range the tender has been delivered and installed into the full beam garage on board the yacht Project 12 which is currently on sale with Opal marine and through Burgess yachts

Unlike others a different approach has been adopted, a full deck molding has been implanted on to a deep V hull form which was resin infused and produced from carbon fiber to give a safe and dry ride; seating is set well down into the craft.

The model comes as standard with a Hyundai V6 inboard diesel driven through an electric shift change gearbox and onto to a jet drive unit, options are available for the stern drive application. Seating places for nine persons give ample room for guests and baggage, access to the engine has been carefully thought through giving full access to all components, the tender features the new โ€œCDORโ€ which makes for easy access from a door section installed within the sponsons.

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