New specialist sailing arm for YPI Brokerage

Yachting Partners International (YPI), today confirmed the official formation of the new specialist sailing arm of the Group’s sales and purchase division – YPI Brokerage.

“In truth it is a service we have been offering at YPI for years now,” says Group Managing Director, Bertrand Vogèle. “It is just now that we decided to formalise it a little and communicate on the fact that this is an expertise we have in-house within our Sales Division.”

YPI has a long and successful tradition working with sailing yachts having bought, sold, managed, crewed and chartered some of the world’s most renowned sailing vessels for nearly 40 years. “We have an acute understanding of how these yachts perform,” explains Vogèle. “With the growing demand around the world today for the new wave of sailing yachts, now seemed to be the right time to officially announce our specialist team dedicated to this side of yachting.”

And the decision seems to have brought about results quicker than even the team itself had expected.

Following the recent YPI Brokerage CA signings for two of the world’s most renowned sailing yachts - the 52-metre Royal Huisman classic Meteor and the impressive William Tai, the Division also recently announced the sale of the new award-winning Southern Wind 100 RS N°2.

“There is a significant interest in the sailing brokerage market today,” says sailing specialist and YPI Broker, Will Bishop. “There is a great selection of yachts available now…and with significant price reductions. Sellers are also being very realistic about the value of their assets which means there are some excellent yachts to be bought today at values much more competitive than previous years.”

“Sailing yachts of today have little in common with those of even just 15 years ago,” says Vogèle. “They are much more comfortable than before and with a lot more space. Much of what used to be done manually before can now be operated automatically if the owner prefers…sailing yachts can be very environmentally friendly…and even without any wind, most offer motors that ensure the yacht can be enjoyed no matter what the weather conditions. With prices so favourable to potential buyers, I think that now really is a great time to consider purchasing a sailing yacht.”

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