New superyacht explorer concept by Newcruise

Several years ago now, a unique fascination for explorer yachts started for the Hamburg-based design and construction office, Newcruise. During the development of the 115m superyacht Luna, the design team of Frank Neubelt, Roland Krueger and Katherina Raczek dealt intensively with this yacht form. Newcruise analysed the current and future superyacht market and questioned themselves; What is the true purpose of an exploration yacht?

To spend leisure time with family and friends, as well as to explore the sea in an adventurous manner are demands that the new explorer should meet. To enjoy all this in a familiar living environment with maximum comfort and contemporary lifestyle is the ultimate goal.

To build an explorer means to create a character which is composed of two extremes:
The rough, rather masculine part which is portrayed in the hull shape conceived to battle rough sea areas on one side - and on the other side, the wish to create the most glamorous luxury product on the sea.

The market already offers explorer variations of different sizes, but mostly with a specific usage strategy. Newcruise has been asked to bridge the gap between real functionality and practicality with a distinctive and elegant yacht style, but also to provide the ability to create variations of the layout as well as to identify different uses. The biggest challenge here always is to ensure a safe design and meaningful architecture, despite the combination of different characters in the design, layout and profile or even the combination of several variables.

Factors such as maintenance and upkeep expenses are further important issues, whether for beginners or experienced yacht-owners. Newcruise has therefore developed a concept of variable sizes between 60 and 70 m - the right size for travelling to popular destinations deep within bays and fjords.

Exterior styling and layout embodies a compact look. Its robust engineered structure withstands even the heaviest waves. The Newcruise explorer can easily cross the Atlantic and Pacific on its own keel. All anchor and mooring systems are therefore fully covered under the foredeck.

The special innovative multi-purpose system offers unprecedented flexibility: a multifunctional aft deck provides differential use options – either for family travel with large pool (Touch) or for a sporty explorer (Fisherman).

Multifunctional usage is also possible with the help of an in detail developed 40 foot container system. Helicopter options are also possible. This option has all equipment not in use stowed in containers, only to be taken out when needed.

The interior concept of this explorer balances purism and modern elegance. The dialogue between down to earth authenticity and modernity on an international level speaks for the design language of Newcruise. Another philosophic element is the successful balance of a cold and warm water theme. This leads to a bidirectional interior which allows the authentic integration in the respective regions. Warm smooth materials as cashmere, fine wool and fur pieces are combined with crisp colour tones, conveying a fresh summer breeze.

The fusion theme is underlined by the combination of different materials. The contrast of rough materials such as open pored woods and raw cut wooden monoliths as side tables, combined with elaborate silver and tanned brass surfaces as well as mirrors, build a balance of antagonism and create an elegant interior.

An explorer has the exciting ability to travel around the world's waters without restriction. This outstanding attribute is reflected in the interior theme, which bridges the gap between different countries and cultures. Following the recognisable clean lines of Newcruise, the interior modernism experiences an art deco touch. This unites all areas and creates a calm and successful display for these intercontinental influences. Each room shows typical reoccurring cultural elements of colour and material interpretations, as well as defined decorations.

Appropriate architectural and safe engineering practice in the areas of hydrodynamics, sea keeping, wind tunnel testing and fuel usage optimisation developed over many years, combined with a unique interior design, rounds up the concept and gets the deserved name Newcruise-explorer.

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