New superyacht maintenance facility in Sydney

The harbourfront under the western pylon of the Anzac Bridge at Rozelle (Sydney) will be changing over the next few months, in more ways than one. A gleaming new facility is being built that will have the capability to service the needs of the world’s most elegant superyachts as well as local pleasure boat owners, but its clean image is more than skin deep.

The operators of Sydney City Marine have scoured the world for the very latest in environmental technology. Their objectives have been to help ensure that no contaminants escape to the atmosphere, the harbour or the ground, even extraneous noise will be rigorously controlled.

Some of the most innovative technology in environmental care comes from Europe. So that’s where the development team has made repeated visits, consulting with innovators of the latest environmental technologies and refinishing techniques.

There will be two climate controlled spray booths in which advanced painting technology will help ensure that 90% of the paint actually reaches the surface being painted. More paint going on, means far less escaping into the air benefiting the environment and also results in costs saving to the boat owner by reducing wastage of expensive marine coatings. Then any paint the does remain airborne will be filtered through sophisticated extraction filters.

The site will be entirely sealed in concrete to help prevent seepage into the ground or the harbour. All water will be recycled and all pollutants contained on site. By collecting rainwater and capturing the water used in high pressure cleaning, the facility has been designed to be totally self sufficient with 750,000 litres of storage, conserving one of Sydney’s most precious resources. Collected water will be filtered through a sophisticated series of filters to remove most of the solid particles, then sent to an on-site treatment plant and purified to Class A Industrial standard. So the only water needed from Sydney’s water supply will be drinking water.

Noise pollution will also be rigorously dampened and controlled. This will add up to further cost savings to boat owners and ensure minimum annoyance to local residents. As for dust, daily cleaning by a ride-on vacuum cleaner will help ensure that dust and debris won’t find its way into the air or onto a boat owner’s pristine paintwork.

So it’s not just the clean lines of elegant ocean going motor yachts and sail craft which will enhance the harbour front. Environmental initiatives will ensure the water and air quality will remain just as clean. Many local residents believe that a revamp of the Rozelle Bay area is long overdue.

Best of all, a number of sectors will benefit. For the Sydney boating community it means an advanced new facility giving owners world class standards of refinishing and maintenance with a local price tag. There will also be numerous employment opportunities and business generated for marine service contactors and related industries. Whilst due for completion in late 2008, regular updates on construction progress and the latest news can be seen at



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