New superyacht products from New Zealand at the FLIBS

DuraShieldMarine by Glasshape

DuraShield® Marine by Glasshape is a high-performance, thoroughly tested superyacht and marine glass. The manufacturing process incorporates a company-designed polyurethane interlayer between two or more layers of glass to guarantee that there will be no reaction between the interlayer and the bonding material.

Complete builds featuring DuraShield Marine include: PJ 501 by Palmer Johnson Yachts; Anya by Evolution Yachts; Inmocean by Fitzroy Yachts; Bristolian by Yachting Developments; Allogante by Alloy Yachts; Bliss by Yachting Developments; and Big Fish by Mc Mullen & Wing.

Manson Hiding Anchor

The Manson Hiding Anchor was developed to act as a flush-fitting pocket anchor with the option of a polished closing plate, as well as an under hull deployed submarine anchor. It was initially designed to meet Alloy Yachts’ requirements. Due to space restrictions and a particularly narrow bow on Kokomo, the Manson Plough Anchors that Alloy Yachts had frequently used were not suitable and an under hull deployment system was required. This can also be the case when the anchors can conflict with bobstays during anchoring.

Fastmount™ Surface Mount Heavy Duty Male Clip

The Fastmount™ Surface Mount Heavy Duty Male Clip is an ex tension to the Fastmount System. Market feedback stimulated demand for a heavy duty version of the existing PC-SM2 Surface Mount Male Clip. Ideal for heavier and larger panels, it is designed for use with thin walled panels and where installers prefer an adhesive fix. It is also highly suitable for pre-finished panels, such as composite foam cored panels, honeycomb cored panels and other pre-painted panels to be installed.

Fastmount™ is featured on Cakewalk by Derecktor Shipyards; Bliss by Yachting Developments; Kokomo III by Alloy Yachts; and Ermis 2 by McMullen & Wing – just to name a few.

McKay Integrated Monitoring, Alarm and Control System (MIMACS)

McKay Integrated Monitoring, Alarm and Control System (MIMACS)is a completely scalable alarm monitoring and control system. MIMACS ranges from a small-sized, single processor configuration, to a 10,000+ tag client, multi-server system with several Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs).

MIMACS is featured on Cakewalk by Derecktor Shipyards.

McKay Switchboards

McKay designs and manufactures type tested switchboards from Prisma (Schneider) and Cubic. These panel systems allow the flexibility to customize switchboards based on the client’s specific requirements, including any nominated third-party equipment.

Designed for the superyacht industry, McKay Main and Emergency Switchboards are fully automated with generator control, load control, integrated shore power and bow thruster units. McKay Main Switchboard is featured on Cakewalk by Derecktor Shipyards.

Stainless DownUnder Curved 316 Stainless Slider

Stainless DownUnder’s new mirror polished 316L stainless steel curved slider is customized to individual specifications. Features include custom curved or flat panels; optional automated drive systems with touch screen controls and backup power systems; and tinted or clear glass.

Kiwi Closures Automated Pantograph Aluminum Door

Available in manual and automated opening, the new Kiwi Closures Pantograph Door is machined from 5083 aluminum plate to ensure zero distortion and allow for a seamless paint finish. Superior craftsmanship ensures impeccable quality, customized to each specific project.



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