New superyacht seminar in Malta

The ISS (International Superyacht Society) has today announced that in conjunction with Wilfred Sultana & Associates (publishers of Yachting in Malta) and the Flagship Superyacht Academy (FSYA), the organizations are presenting a well-timed seminar entitled, “The Superyacht Industry: A Challenge-An Opportunity”.

Consisting of three critical subjects, the keynote event will take place on 30 April 2009 beginning at 2:00 pm and will run into the early evening. It is being held at the legendary Mediterranean Conference Centre, a restored 16th century building that was once the Holy Infirmary (Hospital) of the Order of the Knights of St. John, Valletta, Malta.

The Excelsior Grand Hotel, Valletta, is the seminar’s official hotel. Additional speakers will discuss subjects including the legal aspects of the superyacht industry and what Malta has to offer.

“This is the first ever seminar of its kind in Malta and is bound to generate interest both among the local yachting trade and also in the higher education sector,” said Mr Sultana, the event’s organizer and emcee. “We are pleased to be able to feature such a distinguished group of speakers,” he continues.

Two ISS board directors - ISS Past President, Doug Sharp and AJ Anderson - will be joined by Sir Tim McClement of FYSA in presenting three issues of critical importance to the large yacht industry. The subjects and a brief highlight of the topic follow:

The Financial Contribution of the Superyacht Industry to the Country's Economy
Mr. Douglas Sharp, Managing Director, Douglas Sharp Yacht Design, Inc.
Mr. Sharp will be speaking about the economic importance of the yachting industry, the financial contribution which the superyacht industry gives to the country's economy, and in the process enlighten and expand on the various demands, current strength, current difficulties (global economic situation) and future outlook of the superyacht industry.

What a Superyacht Management Agency Looks For
Mr. AJ Anderson, Managing Director, Wright Maritime Group, LLC
Mr. Anderson will expound upon his proficient experience as to what makes 'a' destination appealing for superyachts and the role of the agency when recommending a destination for short visits and as a winter base.

The Jobs Opportunity in the Superyacht Industry
Sir Tim McClement KCB OBE, Managing Director, Flagship Superyacht Academy (FSYA)
Sir McClement’s session will not only be of interest to the yachting trade but particularly to the Officer Cadets and Officers who attend the MCAST (Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology) Maritime Institute as well as those attending the Institute of Tourism Studies (an institution of higher education aimed at meeting the changing needs of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry).

In addition to the keynote seminar, additional speakers will discuss equally meaningful topics. The presenters and their subjects follow.

Opening Comments by Host: Wilfred Sultana, Wilfred Sultana & Associates
Chair of the Seminar: Mr. John A. Huber, Chairman of Yachting Services Trade Section (Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry)
The Legal Aspect of the Superyacht Industry: Dr. Ann Fenech LL.M. (Lond.), LL.D., Managing Partner, Fenech & Fenech Advocates / Board Member, Yachting Services Trade Section (Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry)
What Malta has to Offer and What it can Offer: Mr. Joe Degabriele, General Manager, Malta Super Yacht Services / Board Director, Malta Maritime Authority
Concluding Remarks: Dr. Austin Gatt LL.D., M.P., Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Communications (Malta)

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