New superyachts on – 03/2008

This week we updated our database with a selection of 13 existing yachts.11 New orders were added to our list of yachts under construction. The largest yacht added in our database of completed yachts this week is the 65.20m German built Astarte II, which can normally be found in Greece. Another yacht added isAstarte, a 31.92m Baglietto from 2004. Astarte is the first and so far only yacht deliveredin the Baglietto 105 series.

One of the most exciting large sportboats launched in 2006 is Moon Goddess, built in Denmark by Danish Yacht. Designed by Espen Oeino, Moon Goddess serves as a tender to the 76.9m Royal Denship Princess Mariana. She is constructed out ofcarbon fibre, Kevlar, and epoxy, and is powered by twin MTU engines, which provide a 7.500 HP output.

The most exciting sailing yacht added on is the **** , the largest Jongert thus far to be built by this leading Dutch yard. The 5000M will be the third Jongert yacht in succession to be commissioned by a repeat client. Read the whole article on this project here.

Four Bagleitto's were added this week to our list of yachts under construction, ranging is size from 33.8m (the **** ) to 70m (the **** ). The 10210 will be the largest Baglietto ever build. She is scheduled for delivery in 2010.

The full list of new superyachts:

Completed Yachts:

Under Construction:

Yacht Concepts:

Superyacht Database Statistics:

Total number of completed yachts: 1413
Total number of yachts under construction: 499
Total number of yacht concepts: 163



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