New Telemedicine device

Ocean Medical International, in conjunction with partners TheFirstCall medical emergency response service and Safe Patient Systems have announced the introduction of a new Telemedicine device - The Safe Triage System, developed by medical professionals for use in air ambulance helicopters, has been customised specifically to OMI specifications for use on superyachts; the device was simplified to be used by non medical professionals

The easy to use device transmits real time vital medical information to a fully manned medical service enabling highly experienced emergency medicine practitioners at TheFirstCall to make informed clinical decisions and respond instantly with advice and support, thus ensuring the very best medical care for all passengers whilst the vessel is away from land-based medical services

Product features
• One touch screen prompts, user-friendly, requiring minimal training, utilising state of the art technology
• Customised software that assists in decision making
• In built VOIP telephone for communication direct to call centre with dedicated hot line telephone number to transmit information
• Transmission of data is achieved by using a touch screen interface to the system linked wirelessly (Bluetooth or WiFi) to patient monitoring devices; patient vital signs automatically recorded in real time include: 12 lead ECG, oxygen saturation levels, respiratory rate, blood pressure. Temperature measured independently
• The system captures and relays still & video images of the patient and incident scene to further support clinical decision-making
• The system provides a wide range of data for clinical decision support, including drug administration, but it is the doctors at TheFirstCall who make the decisions on what to do, not the technology
• A clinical multimedia database allows instant access to medical and drug information including resuscitation and suturing techniques
• With built in GPS, photos are tagged for time and location when transmitted
• 8 hour battery life, 2 batteries provided and plug-in recharge
• Packaged in the Yuma rugged tablet, which features an ingress protection rating of 67 (IP67), meaning it’s sealed against dust and has been water immersion tested for 30 minutes at a depth of one meter
• Added protection provided with a watertight storage case.

Ocean Medical International
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