New version of Luxury Yacht Group's superyacht cost calculator

Luxury Yacht Group has now launched a second version of their Cost Calculator, a very useful tool for judging a yacht’s annual expenses. The new calculator makes vast improvements on the original, having the user input specific information about their vessel to create a customized estimate.

The calculator not only works off of information about the size of the boat, but also how the boat will be run. The cost calculator takes 33 pieces of information about your specific yacht, utilizing data such as engine size and hours, the number of jet skis, dining preferences, cruising locations and other variances in yachting preferences. All of these variables are taken into account while determining your expenses, in order to create a customized figure for the annual cot of running your vessel. These calculations go far beyond generalizations based on the size of the boat, with in depth information such as number of cylinders, expense projections are designed specifically for your boat.

Upon submission, a report is generated personally for your yacht; this report has a break down of each individual category of expense and is easily printed. The detailed summary doesn’t just stop at the basics, it goes as in depth as addressing things such as mail, uniforms, office supplies, medical insurance and even floral arrangements. Charter profit is also taken into account, with the ability to input differences in rate between summer and winter, with the number of weeks in each, you can see how much profit your charters will bring in and how much it could offset your expenses. Not quite sure how many crew your vessel will require? The calculator has built in help tools to the side of each section that will help you figure out what your vessel will require.

With the many options and precise information, this tool will be very helpful for everyone in the yachting world, whether you are a prospective buyer estimating how much it will cost to run that new yacht or a current owner who is trying to project expenses for the coming year. The cost calculator is accessible through the Luxury Yacht Group website,, under the management section.

Luxury Yacht Group is a full service yachting company with offices in Antibes, France and Fort Lauderdale Florida. Their staff specializes in providing excellent service in brokerage, charter, management and crew placement services.



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