New version of Seatrack now available

Version 8 of Seatrack is now available with some stunning new features unavailable to other pc based navigational systems. Graphically superior and more user friendly, Version 8 of the Seatrack software provides upgrade features for all types of user.

One feature is for passage planning, whether cruising or powerboating, which upgrades to a route optimisation feature for the racing and grand prix versions. A second new feature provides a system for the race and grand prix versions of Seatrack when sailing on an Olympic style course with a leeward gate. A third important new feature is a vastly improved dynamic instrumentation calibration and damping.

To use the course planning function for cruising, whether sail or power, the system requires manual input of a windspeed and boatspeed; the tidal database is already in the system. Alternatively all 3 versions of the system can incorporate an additional weather grib file module.

The cross hairs on the screen can then be overlaid at a point on the passage or race, which pulls up a small window on the screen providing predicted windspeed, wind angle, heading and boatspeed at a given time. When racing, this can provide vital sail selection planning and weather routing, when cruising or under power with Seatrack Cruiser, this can provide a strategy for a more efficient, comfortable and cost effective, fuel saving route.

The Olympic style course with leeward gate feature provides a clear read out for racing navigators, giving time, range and upwind bias to the port and starboard marks on the course, which can be inputted manually or ‘pinged’.

This latest version of Seatrack offers a new era for simple, easy-to-use navigational software ideally suited to professionals and part time navigators alike.



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