New website for ISA Yachts

ISA Yachts recently launched a new and improved website, which includes animation, new photos, new sections and in-depth news about the Italian shipyard. The new website perfectly embodied the ISA corporate image, simple and elegant, in white and argent/grey.

The new website will be regulary updated and will contain a full database of information about the company, and all its products.

The biggest change to the previous website, are the Repair & Refit pages. Here the user can find information about the latest services, a reference list to previous projects, and more information on the size of the shipyard. The Repair and Refit part of the site, also contains information about ISA's latest development, the construction of a new marina, Ank's Marina. The marina will be ready im 2010, making ISA an important yacht hub along the Adriatic Sea

Other sections of the website are the press area, where all relevant articles on ISA and the yachts are kept, all available to download. Of course the new site also contains loads of images and specs of all the ISA yachts.

ISA Yachts
+39 (0)71 502191
[email protected]

By Maarten Janssen



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