New Zealand and Australian crew agency opens

Huge demands for New Zealand and Australian crew is the driver for the launch of a specialist recruitment company. TopCrew DownUnder. Director Stephanie D’Audney calls upon over 20 years of recruitment knowledge and years more of sailing and super yacht experience to offer service she describes as “unique, personalised and professional”.

Stephanie believes “you will always get dock walkers, it’s a given, but you never know what their background actually is. TopCrew DownUnder takes that risk away”.

TopCrew DownUnder does this through three main avenues:
• All candidates go through a specially designed application form
• They are subjected to a comprehensive face to face interview
• All candidates are required to complete an internationally recognised psychometric test, covering attitude, work ethic, emotional stability and socialibility etc.
• All TopCrew DownUnder staff have worked on both the sailing and recruitment sides and have a strong knowledge and understanding of both sets of needs.

These avenues allow TopCrew DownUnder to offer captains and alike only the best candidates available, "making the recruitment process hassle and stress free".

TopCrew DownUnder
+64 212 448 278
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