New Zealand opens coastline for increased superyacht chartering

A new process has recently been announced in New Zealand in a bid to significantly streamline the process for superyachts chartering in New Zealand waters.

The new procedure works with New Zealand’s existing Temporary Import Entry (TIE) making provision for superyachts to charter, undertake private cruises and complete refit work within the Pacific nation, and removes the need for a bond, with an owner's written guarantee to leave New Zealand waters after 24 months now satisfactory. Charter work must also make up less than 65% of the superyacht’s time within New Zealand waters.

Superyachts in New Zealand waters holding the TIE will enjoy zero GST rating for goods and services for the yacht, (except while under actual charter), and crews’ qualifications can be cross credited to New Zealand qualifications by Maritime NZ. The move comes at the end of a year which has seen New Zealand make considerable moves to promote New Zealand’s charter prospects to superyachts.

By Maarten Janssen



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