New Zealand Yachts introduces the S Series

New Zealand Yachts relationship with Ken Freivokh continues with the redesign of the award winning Spirit Series line of wavepiercer yachts. The new line called the S Series is a stunning example of continual improvement and forward thinking for New Zealand Yachts. The new line incorporates excellent ideas and suggestions from her many charter clients, MY Spirits yacht crew and key industry professionals. Whilst many improvements have been made many of the award winning qualities that have made MY Spirit one of the most popular charter vessels in the Mediterranean remain.

The most noticeable changes are the new exterior styling which in one word is โ€œcleanโ€. Ken Freivokh and his team embraced New Zealand Yachts brief of keeping the heritage of the Spirits series and modernizing it to be lasting and fashionable. The clean robust look that that the S Series convey, matches the go any where luxury sport utility feel the yachts are renowned for. The C at the aft remains an elegant feature that creates a 270 degree private space for the owner to relax and it has the impressions of side air scoops. The incorporation of the S in all the lines is an element which draws on the companyโ€™s original inspiration and heritage, which is the first and original Spirit, a 35 meter wave piercing yacht built for New Zealand Yachts CEO Allen Jones and his family. Additional subtle exterior improvements are more external deck space and sun pads to enjoy the sun during the day and entertain at night.

The interiors winning formula of form, function and layout as experienced on board MY Spirit has not been lost through the redesign, it has only been improved, refined and simplified. The qualities that remain through the line is natural light to all living spaces, an expansive private owners deck which provides privacy and tranquility, and generous internal and external living spaces only found on much larger yachts. All voluminous guest accommodation remains on the main deck and above the water line so family and guest feel safe and included in yacht activities while not bothered by water slap or machinery noises. Quiet night sleeps and roomy accommodations to retreat to in the late afternoon are the small differences that completely satisfy and rejuvenate all who step aboard.

The design focus of connecting people with water remains an important part of each yacht and one such popular area is the aft elevator swim platform pioneered by Allen Jones in the late 90โ€™s. The platform has undergone technical and operational improvements including independent hydraulic screws that angle the deck while launching and retrieving tenders and toys. This improves the safety of tender retrieval in rougher seas and the addition of manual hydraulic handles and another level of redundancy in the event of power loss while the platform is down. The fast 2 minute launch and retrieval time remains a benefit to the guests and owners by allowing the yacht to quickly set up the toys and aft entertainment area, or move onto its next destination once the day is over. A little known feature of the platform is the ability to still launch and retrieve tenders through the 2 meter clearance between the 2 hulls when boxed in stern to at a busy port.

Hull performance has been improved which has led to a 7% increase in efficiency over the 2000 design and the ride control has also been improved by small winglets on the wave piercing bow which improves the pitch motion. The excellent directional stability remains with the large angled trim control rudders so the overall hull performance remains a key benefit to not only substantially reduced fuel bills but overall comfort. Additional responsible yachting benefits over and beyond 40% less fuel consumption over traditional yachts, is the minimal surface wake and pressure wave below the surface reducing the impact on sensitive marine environments and shoreline erosion.

It is evident that New Zealand Yachts continues to deliver on its mission to Create the Ultimate Ocean Experience through commitment to reducing yachts impact on the environment, high quality winning design and engineering and commitment to passenger and crew comfort.



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