Newcruise presents architecturally designed 75 metre superyacht

German design firm Newcruise recently unveiled the designs for a new 75 metre project. Looking at existing yachts and their usage, Newcruise came to notice that their shapes resemble each other a fair bit, and that most yachts are used as a villa on the waterfront.

"It turned out to be a short step, to combine our strive for a changed look with more architectural shapes while still paying tribute to classic ships and houses. This was com-bined with ample freeboard and a seaworthy hull", Newcruise comments.

Straight and clean shapes dominate the appearance of the yacht, which is underlined by minimising the need for the addition of extra details, such as guardrails on top of the bulwarks. To provide the owner with a maximum of flexibility, Newcruise reduced the amount of exterior fixed furniture and use loose furniture as much as possible instead.

A full beam main deck forward, and rectangular shapes allows for a relative voluminous superstructure, providing ample space for the interior.

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