Exploring yacht ownership in the latest edition of the SuperYacht Times newspaper

Written by Vivian Hendriksz

The latest edition of the SuperYacht Times newspaper has been printed and is out now! Available via subscription, our 22nd issue focuses on the world of yacht ownership, taking a closer look at how innovation is changing existing models and opening up the industry to a new generation of owners.  SuperYacht Times 22nd editionPhoto: SuperYacht TimesWe were honoured to have been granted the opportunity to speak one of the industry’s most influential leaders, Kommer Damen, who together with his daughter Rose Damen, shared with us his thoughts on new ownership models, the Amels Limited Editions range of superyachts and the future of custom yachts at Damen. Mr Damen also took us back to his childhood to explain to us how one man with a vision was able to transform an industry and create one of the industry’s leading multi-billion euro companies.  SuperYacht Times 22nd editionPhoto: Bruno BuissonSome industry experts, such as Jamie Edmiston, CEO of Edmiston, wonder how well new digital platforms based on the global sharing economy, such as Ahoy Club, Yotha and SeaNet, may fare in the traditional landscape of yacht ownership. As yacht ownership continues to increase around the globe, with the average volume of yachts owned by individuals from the Far East growing 20% this year compared to 2017, according to the SuperYacht Times iQ report 2018, some wonder if there is any need for these disruptors.  SuperYacht Times 22nd editionPhoto: Bruno BuissonHowever, while Edmiston questions if traditional models of ownership can or do need to be changed, we also took a moment to speak to some of the disruptors behind these platforms on how their models are making the yachting industry more accessible than ever before. Ian Malouf, founder of Ahoy Club and Mattheus Zaknikar, founder of SeaNet Europe, discuss how their platforms offer individuals new ways to charter and different models of shared ownership, making yacht ownership and charter more transparent and attainable.  SuperYacht Times 22nd editionPhoto: Bruno BuissonThe pleasures of owning a yacht together as a family remains steadfast, as we hear from Bill Duker, Mary Shores and Sabina Nasser what some of their most memorable moments onboard their respective superyachts are. The owners remain at the heart of the yacht, especially when it comes to yacht design, as renowned yacht designer Tommaso Spadolini shares with us why it is important to retain an ongoing relationship with the clients family. “My relationship revolves 360 degrees around the family,” he says during our chat.  SuperYacht Times 22nd editionPhoto: Bruno BuissonIN THIS ISSUE:  

Ownership: Making the most of life - with Andrea Merloni  
Ownership: Owners talk Business - with Ian Malouf, Slim Bouricha, Matty Zadnikar and Kadir Esen  Market: 10 Questions with…Jamie Edmiston  
Construction: Damen  - with Kommer and Rose Damen
Design: “My work is my passion” - Tommaso Spadolini on his 40-year design career  
Construction: Soul Mates - Pierluigi Loro Piana and Mario Pedol from Nauta Yachts

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