Newport Bucket Regatta cancelled because of Hurricane Irene

On Wednesday evening the Captains of the yachts participating in the Newport Bucket Regatta met with event director Peter Craig and bucket director Hank Halsted. It was the consensus (among all nine boat captains represented) that Irene’s very real threat has made a no-race decision on Saturday the only choice. Transitioning from race mode to storm mode for superyachts is extremely time-consuming.

Five Bucket yachts are currently in Martha’s Vineyard for the lobster bake and feeder race to Newport. While Irene has nixed the race, Thursday’s dinner party will be spectacular. Three of the five yachts are repositioning to Maine on Friday.

While yachts will be preparing and positioning for the storm, there are owners, crew and guests who will be able to enjoy the Bucket Bash at the Newport Shipyard. The Bash, which has been moved from Saturday to Friday will feature all the food and festivities planned for this special 25th Anniversary Celebration.

Every effort was made by the event organizer and the boat captains to squeeze in a race, and while that was not meant to be, the Bucket Spirit lives on. Anticipation for the Texas Legends Airshow was running high, but unfortunately those shows also had to be cancelled because of the severity of the storm.

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Photo by George Bekris



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