Newport Charter Yacht Show readies for its 31st edition

This summer, luxury yachts from around the globe will converge on picturesque Newport, Rhode Island for the annual Newport Charter Yacht Show, which continues to gain popularity and traction as it readies for its 31st edition and second year under the management of Newport Exhibition Group. The event, scheduled for June 17 - 20 at the Newport Yachting Center, is the only one of its kind in the U.S. and caters exclusively to charter yacht professionals, including agents, owners, brokers and captains.

Throughout the show’s four days, guests gain a feel for a variety of exquisite charter yachts ranging in size from 80 feet up to the super yacht size of 150 to 225+ feet. They also participate in lively seminars, vibrant “yacht hops” and a one-of-a-kind culinary competition.

This show is the perfect setting for charter brokers and agents to come and learn the product; they can view the condition of the yachts, understand the layout and cruising schedule and meet the crew,” said Pila Pexton (Newport, R.I.), a charter yacht specialist for Merle Wood & Associates who has attended the show regularly and this year serves as its liaison for the American Yacht Charter Association. “Last year, Newport Exhibition Group organized a first-rate event, and I look forward to what this year will bring. The charter industry is always evolving and will continue to grow. We are already seeing more activity this year in comparison to last year, with more boats coming into the charter market".

Chartering a yacht is a unique experience that we are constantly trying to project to the public. The services and amenities on a charter yacht exceed those you would find at a five-star hotel. What makes chartering so extraordinary is the interaction you have not only with your friends and family but also with the crew. I continually hear from my charter guests how the chance to spend quality time together on the boat as a family brought them closer, restored relationships, and tightened the bonds they have with each other. Surprisingly, guests also discover that the interaction they have with their captain and crew often leads to unexpected connections and creates long-term friendships. Magic really happens when you charter a luxury crewed yacht.”

The Newport Charter Yacht Show will showcase charter vessels – both sailing and motor – dockside at the impressive four-acre Newport Yachting Center and adjacent locations on the historic Newport Harbor waterfront. An array of on-land exhibits will add to the ambience and offer added value for the charter yacht professionals attending the show. In addition, there are daily seminars that feature industry experts speaking on subjects important to the charter yacht industry. The show will also host two nights of “yacht hops” where captains and crew dress in themed attire and showcase their signature cocktails and hors d’ oeuvres to guests, inspiring a festive mingling of professional insights.

During the show, on Monday, June 17 and Tuesday, June 18, chefs aboard registered yachts will battle it out for the Newport Charter Yacht Show’s Culinary Competition.

The competition is split into two classes: the Grande Class, for chefs on yachts 100 feet and above, and the Premier Class, for chefs on yachts 99 feet and under.

Cooking onboard a yacht is vastly different than what a restaurant chef or even a private chef experiences,” said Winnie DeCoster-Lynch (Newport, R.I.) from The Captain’s Concierge, which has run the Culinary Competition for the Newport Charter Yacht Show since 2008.

For these chefs, their galleys (kitchens) are much smaller and always moving on the water. Also, as a chef onboard you are pretty much a one-person brigade, and you are cooking every meal, from baking bread at 5:30 a.m. to satisfying ‘late-night munchie’ cravings. The culinary competition, as well as the yacht hops, allow chefs to show off their skills and gain recognition from others in their industry for how hard they work and how challenged they are.”

DeCoster-Lynch explained that for the Grande Class, chefs will be provided with a “mystery basket” full of ingredients, all locally produced and grown, along with a short list of ingredients that can be used from their pantries. In their respective galleys they will prepare four servings of a meal of any cuisine, and invited guest chefs will determine a winner.

For the Premier Class, the chefs will prepare the quintessential dish of New England, seafood chowder, and have free reign over the ingredient choices. Once the dishes are complete, show attendees will be invited to visit every competing yacht’s galley to taste the creations. Ballots will be provided onboard each yacht, and the winner will be announced after ballots are tallied.

Adding to the already multi-faceted Newport Charter Yacht Show is the inclusion, for the second consecutive year, of non-profit YachtAid Global as the show’s charitable partner. The organization is dedicated to changing lives, utilizing a network of over 500 yachting industry professionals to deliver humanitarian aid aboard superyachts cruising to isolated regions around the world.

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