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United States Yacht Shows, Inc. is proud to announce that Colin Robertson has been appointed Director of Marketing for the Yacht Show at National Harbor.

The Yacht Show at National Harbor, which will take place May 1-4 2008, will be an in-water show featuring yachts larger than 60 feet at the new marina facility at National Harbor. This unique show is expected to draw new, brokerage, and charter yachts worldwide, in addition to large yachts on their way to the Northeast and Europe from the Caribbean.

United States Yacht Shows, Inc. of Annapolis, Md. is one of the world's leading producers of boat shows. Having launched the first in-water boat show in Annapolis in 1970, it continues to run the United States Sailboat Show - the largest exclusive show featuring new sailboats in Annapolis in addition to the United States Powerboat Show and the Bay Bridge Boat Show.

National Harbor, at $2.5 billion, is the largest mixed-use development on the eastern seaboard and is the epicenter of the wealthiest state (Md.) and the three wealthiest counties in the United States (Fairfax and Loudon Counties of Va. and Montgomery County, Md. – US Census Bureau). National Harbor lies on a 1-ΒΌ mile panoramic stretch of the Potomac River adjacent to Washington, D.C. Never before has there been a more suitable venue for a large yacht show like National Harbor.

Colin Robertson, a graduate of Washington College, is very excited about the opportunity to promote The Yacht Show at National Harbor. "This show is a great opportunity to display the finest yachts the world has to offer," says Colin. "With such a sophisticated market surrounding National Harbor, we are confident that the Yacht Show will be a success for all involved."



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