Next generation superyacht touchscreen monitors

Aadaptiv Technologies celebrate the first anniversary of their touchscreen monitors with the introduction of next-generation LCD Monitor Technology for Marine markets The second quarter of 2012 sees two significant milestones for glass bridge monitor market specialists Aadaptiv; the anniversary of the first marine installation of a touch screen monitor with multi-touch gestures, and the unveiling of a design breakthrough that is set to revolutionise the performance of LCD Marine Displays.

The original installation brought iPad style touch screen functionality to the bridge for the first time, replacing conventional Trackball technology with user friendly multi-function gestures.

Features like ambient light sensors, which trigger an auto dimmer to the surrounding light for clarity of viewing, edge-2-edge front glass, and LED touch-sensitive controls also make Aadaptiv LCD monitors an attractive, high-tech option throughout the vessel, whether it be viewing charts on deck, or watching TV by the pool.

Aadaptiv's on-going R&D programme has resulted in the development of an innovative new technology which utilises a composite laminated glass with special heat absorbing plastic filters. This dramatically reduces UV and IR radiation effects, whilst providing high transmission levels.

The heat management properties are ideally suited to screens which are submitted to extreme conditions, making Aadaptiv LCD Monitors the first-choice solution for marine applications.

Aadaptiv's new technology addresses the issue of ultraviolet radiation bleaching out colours, and the negative effect of heat producing infrared radiation on the liquid crystals and components of the display. The major benefit is a more prolonged process for the display to heat up under direct sunlight thus resulting in higher reliability and overall product longevity. This new laminated safety glass is unbreakable and splinter-free according to EN 12543 and the monitor performance is enhanced by increased impact resistance.

"This is the type of design breakthrough that makes it all worthwhile and I am delighted to be working with such an innovative and creative team of engineers" said Gary Wright , president and CEO of Aadaptiv Technologies.

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