Next generation yachts developed at Intec Marine Shipyard

Intec Marine Shipyard has created a team of professionals to develop and market two models of “next generation yachts”. The Intec Marine 90 and 140 are extremely energy efficient with hybrid propulsion and designed by Guido de Groot Design from the Netherlands. As well as energy efficiency the yachts have dramatically reduced sound levels and emit lower emissions of NOX and CO2.

Developed in conjunction with San Diego based naval architect Doug Sharp, particular care for environmental concerns has been incorporated into the design, the construction and eventual operation of the yachts.

Intec Marine Shipyard started developing innovative and energy efficient yachts in early 2007. Two models are currently being developed together with designer Guido de Groot; the Intec Marine 90 hybrid and Intec Marine 140 hybrid.

The technical design is provided by Doug Sharp Naval Architects, which has combined its expertise with the extensive knowledge and experience of Intec Marine Shipyard to equip the models with environmentally conscious applications down to the smallest details.

The main objective of the development of the yachts is that sustainability plays a major role in terms of both construction and use.

James Munn from Fraser Yachts is actively involved with the sales and marketing for these two projects. James has been involved in the original concept for the Intec Marine Hybrid. James believes it will not only win success as a design but will help raise awareness of the importance of low-impact yachting.

Next week we will publish more information on the new Intec Marine 140.

Guido de Groot Design
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Intec Marine Shipyard
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Douglas Sharp Yacht Design, Inc.
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Fraser Yachts
James Munn
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