Nobiskrug and Ultra Electronics develop megayacht defence system

Nobiskrug and Ultra Electronics have developed a ‘MegaYacht Defence System’ to significantly increase security on board. Using state-of-the-art technology, the system is scalable to the Owner’s wishes and needs. An integrated solution combines the areas of sensors, weapons (non-lethal or lethal) and armour-plating.

Key Features are:
- Continuous Surveillance
- Automatic Alarms
- Effective Defence Management
- Embedded Navigation Support
- Integrated and Secure Communications
- Passive Security

The ‘MegaYacht Defence System’ can be integrated into a new build project or refitted in an existing megayacht.

Incidents of Armed Hijacking and Piracy are on the increase. At megayacht hot spots it is considered highly desirable to have certain defence equipment available in addition to the standard security system onboard megayachts, in order to provide an increased level of deterrence. Moreover, the transfer of a megayacht from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean is a high risk, dangerous and high profile operation. Therefore, a megayacht without appropriate and effective defence equipment and with an untrained crew is totally unprotected; open to attack and boarding and an attractive high value target to any pirates or attackers.

Dirk Zademack
+49 4331 207 180
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