Northern Lights introduces Clean-Sep Filtration System

Northern Lights, a global manufacturer of marine power generation systems, is proud to present the newest innovation in clean, efficient energy production - the revolutionary Clean-Sep Filtration System.

The Clean-Sep system addresses the issue of water sheen associated with diesel generator set exhaust systems. The patented Clean-Sep system binds hydrocarbons to a filter system and discharges clean, clear water.

“Keeping our cruising grounds as pristine as possible is very important to us and our customers,” said Colin Puckett, Northern Lights manager of marketing & sales administration. “Focusing on the environmental impact of our products is especially important to us as providers of diesel generators. We are excited to offer Clean-Sep as another example of how our sharp focus on these vital issues makes Northern Lights an industry leader.”

The Clean-Sep Filtration System can be integrated between the lift muffler and wet exhaust output. It is compatible with any properly-configured Northern Lights generator set in a variety of applications.

“Northern Lights has focused intently on developing and improving the quality and function of our marine exhaust systems,” said Puckett. “This focus has led to the finest line of power generation products on the market. This, in turn, allows boat designers and manufacturers around the world to install our systems with the utmost confidence.”

With environmental concerns and shrinking moorage spaces, keeping the marinas and cruising grounds clean has never been more critical. As with other Northern Lights products, Clean-Sep is Lloyd’s Certified and ABS Type Approved and truly represents the state of the art in marine power generation technology.



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