Northrop and Johnson announces the sale Whitehawk and AB-7

Northrop and Johnson Sales Division is thrilled to announce the sale of Whitehawk for the second time within a period of 4 months by Michael Nethersole and the quick sale of Kevin Merriganโ€™s central listing AB-7 within 30 days of being listed.

Whitehawk, 105โ€™ Bruce King, is a ketch rig yacht built in 1978 by O. Lie-Nielsen in Maine to the design of Bruce King. At the time of her construction Whitehawk was the largest vessel ever built using the Wood Epoxy Saturation Technique system.

AB-7, 105โ€™ (32m) Poole Chaffee 1976, is a robustly constructed, exceptionally voluminous motor yacht that has been well maintained and updated since her launch in 1977.



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