Northrop and Johnson opens office in Hong Kong, China

Northrop and Johnson Group is pleased to announce the opening of its first Asian-based location just in time to celebrate the Chinese New Year, the year of the Tiger. Joining forces with Bart Kimman of Asia Yachting Services and Simon Pickering, Northrop and Johnson Group is now poised to offer the very best luxury yachts the world has to offer to the Eastern hemisphere.

“Expanding our reach in the yachting industry further, we are extending outward to a fast growing market with endless potential,” says Bruce Leffers, President of Northrop and Johnson Group.

Looking forward to the joint venture, partner Bart Kimman says, “This is truly a case of where East meets West! It is an honor and indeed a pleasure to become part of the Northrop and Johnson Worldwide Group.”

Northrop and Johnson
Barb Tierney
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