Numarine delivers 78’ Hard Top to Brasil

All eyes are on Brazil as one of the fastest emerging luxury yacht markets in the world. Eclipse Yachts, the newly appointed dealer for Numarine in Brazil represented by Ricardo Straus, acquired the 78’ HardTop on behalf of Four Private Motoinvest; a company dedicated to showcasing high quality luxury goods.

Straus’ team at Eclipse Yachts will drive targeted sales and marketing campaigns aimed at Brazil’s key influential clientele and burgeoning elite class. Straus said “The exhilarating speed and agile handling of the Numarine 78’ HT, combined with its progressive design and refined luxury will help ensure Numarine’s future popularity and success in this rapidly expanding region.”

With a rich vibrant cultural heritage, Brazilians’ naturally gravitate towards cutting edge design and state of the art technology; thus the attraction to Numarine’s current signature model, the Numarine 78’ HT. The Numarine 78’ HT, with its custom hull paint, and striking deep-red seating and sunpads will dazzle the Brazilian shoreline in and around Rio de Janeiro very soon.

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