Oceanco 2023 unwrapped: Unveiling 15 Simply Custom superyacht designs

2023 was one of Oceanco’s busiest years and the sheer variety of its landmark moments across the year demonstrates the Dutch yacht builder’s agile approach. From the delivery of the spectacular Seven Seas and the head-turning three-masted schooner Koru (its largest yacht to date at 125-metres), to the completion of its three-year full rebuild of H3, the Oceanco fleet has welcomed some remarkable additions. Finally to close off the year, the 5,000 GT superyacht Y726 moved from the Zwijndrecht Phase 1 facilities to the Alblasserdam outfitting facilities, and joined Y722 to see out the last of its construction phases. Koru yacht sailingPhoto: Tom van Oossanen / SuperYacht TimesNXT Generation Design

This spring, Oceanco unveiled the visually arresting 131m Aeolus, its second NXT-aligned yacht, designed by Giles Taylor – known for his years at the creative helm of Rolls Royce – with sustainability-focused interiors from Njord by Bergman Design House. Aeolus is also the first yacht to showcase the Energy Transition Platform, or ETP, devised by Oceanco and Lateral Naval Architects in partnership with ABB and MTU; the future-proofing energy architecture allows a yacht to adapt to future technologies and alternative fuels in the least invasive way possible.H3 yacht, Infinity yacht and Intrepid yacht at Oceanco shipyardRefit Trending Up

And Oceanco’s refit service, Life Cycle Support, has continued its upward trajectory with a flurry of projects ranging from faster upgrades to multi-phase overhauls. The word has been spreading beyond Oceanco’s immediate family, too; this year, yachts originally delivered by other builders have visited for LCS work alongside yachts in its own fleet. 

A New Offering: Simply Custom

But arguably Oceanco’s biggest news of the year came in November, when it announced a brand new offering in the 80-metre range, sitting alongside its renowned core of fully custom yachts. Simply Custom promises an exciting new way to build a custom Oceanco while streamlining the process for owners. 

Understanding that some clients value a less technically focused yacht building experience – while still demanding the pedigree and comfort of an Oceanco – Simply Custom meets this growing demand. While the yachts themselves are advanced and complex, executing simple fundamentals at the highest level, the Simply Custom approach allows owners to focus on what matters to them most. 

Typically configured with an owner’s stateroom and six guest suites, Simply Custom’s flexible layout allows for additional suites, multipurpose lounges, an inside or outside cinema, a wellness area and gym. Oceanco Simply Custom The CollectionDevised by Oceanco’s Project Development team and Lateral Naval Architects, the Simply Custom technical foundation is optimised to undertake even the most demanding of programs, ensuring a Simply Custom yacht delivers on every level. It allows for an intuitive customisation approach that is simple to understand and implement, offering solutions tailored to lifestyle needs as well. 

A state-of-the-art, all-electrical propulsion and energy architecture system incorporates a DC grid and onboard battery energy storage, while the next-generation hull design is optimised to be highly efficient. Variable-speed generators offer high fuel efficiency, with the capability to run on low-carbon biodiesel fuels such as HVO, and podded drives provide optimised propulsive efficiency coupled with exceptional manoeuvring, dynamic positioning and virtual anchoring. 

The Collection Revealed

With the technical base established, 16 top-tier studios were invited to partner on Simply Custom and the result is The Collection, delivering an unprecedented variety of choice from a single technical base in this size range. Showcasing exteriors penned by long-established, award-winning designers alongside a new generation of creative talents, it is intended to provide inspiration for a full spectrum of tastes and lifestyles.Aurai yacht concept from Bozca Design for Oceanco From Bozca Limitless Design, Aurai’s exceptional exterior is influenced by the lines of a swordfish – an expression of strength – that is softened by the fluidity of natural forms, evoking a balance between power and grace. Clarity yacht concept exterior designOn Clarity, from Espen Øino International, the overall objective was to reduce the onboard energy consumption and increase the renewable part of the onboard energy production; the extensive use of large shaded exterior spaces reflects the studio’s vision of enjoying life at sea and the outdoorsStorm yacht concept from Oceanco H2 Yacht Design created Storm, an aggressive and sleek design that combines the elegant, flowing lines of a timeless Bentley coupe with a tapering aft end, giving that sense of speed and elegance from a bygone era.Supperleggera 80 yacht concept from Hot Lab for Oceanco Hot Lab’s Superleggera 80 sports sexy and elegant lines reminiscent of a 1960s automobile, while the interplay between volume and emotion onboard is intended to evoke the same sense of awe that one feels in an expansive penthouse.Interstellar yacht concept from Lobanov for Oceanco For Interstellar, as the name suggests, Lobanov Design was inspired by futuristic vehicles, both real and fictional, that defy earthly limits – used for traveling in the air, on land and in space; sleek deck contours and sculptural bow facets embody the awe of exploration and passion for adventures.Domino yacht concept from Nuvolari for Oceanco Distilling over 30 years’ experience in the business, Nuvolari Lenard believes Domino represents the state of the art, in terms of beauty and functionality, while also offering an owner a starting point from which to create a yacht that is perfectly suited to them.Pegasus yacht concept from Oceanco Oceanco’s unique design for Pegasus combines strength with lightness; curved and straight surfaces blend to create soft, curved edges bringing an incredible, timeless aesthetic.Carinae yacht concept from Pascoli International for Oceanco With the Carinae design, Pascoli International wanted to shy away from the typical deck stacking and styling exercise, so decided to include the main deck in the hull; as a result, the impressive stern is reminiscent of galleon designs, while further inspiration was drawn from the design of 1930s liners for the deckhouse and funnels.SS80 yacht concept from Sorgiovanni for Oceanco For SS80, Sorgiovanni Design created a range of profiles spanning from sleek and linear to speed- and strength-inspired aesthetics, and with each option emanates its own distinctive character, strength and efficiency.Aeolus 80 yacht concept from Giles Taylor for Oceanco Taylor Design’s Aeolus 80 bears the same hallmark design features of her 131-metre sister; namely a profound connection with the ocean including 360-degree seascape vistas throughout, an experiential escapism that enhances time onboard both for business and leisure, and an aesthetic born from nature’s lines. Silver Ocean yacht concept from Team for Design for Oceanco Team For Design – Enrico Gobbi designed Silver Ocean to have a sleek, pure line with dynamic elements, so it appears to be in motion, even when still; drawing inspiration from aviation and automotive design, as well as fluid natural elements, it has an elusive look, with the overhangs in particular enhancing this perception.Proteus yacht concept from The A Group for Oceanco Proteus is a timeless design base superstructure for today and tomorrow, says The A Group; a fresh design and construction approach allows for owners to benefit from a unique longevity and adaptability in their yacht, without the complex and timely processes associated with a traditional custom build or rebuild.Dunes yacht concept from the Touch Studio for Oceanco Inspired by a national park in Brazil, the design for Dunes from the Touch Studio harmonizes the sleek and precise lines of the water’s surface with the sinuous contours of the sand dunes; these curvatures find their expression in the yacht’s form, embodying the enchanting force of nature.Ani yacht concept from Valicelli Design for Oceanco Vallicelli Design’s Ani is built on essential stylistic signs, represented by very soft lines with highly expressive volumes; her original aesthetic solutions combine slender shapes with very large internal spaces, resulting in a stylistic ‘sweetness’ and femininity.Reverie yacht concept from Winch for Oceanco An arrestingly pure hull and delicate sculpting of the simplest of forms, create the most elegant beauty of Winch Design’s Reverie sitting on a calm ocean; yet dynamic thinking and an appreciation of the fast-changing lifestyle of her owner creates a unique layout and a seamless synthesis of interior and exterior living.


To learn more about Simply Custom and explore The Collection’s designs in greater detail, head to oceancoyacht.com/simply-custom.

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