OceanView Technologies expands popular Apollo II line

In response to the ever-growing popularity of its Apollo II night vision camera line, which features combined Low-Light and Thermal-Imaging capabilities, OceanView Technologies, Inc. has introduced two affordable new Apollo II cameras offering a choice of either Low-Light or Thermal-Imaging technology.

By separating our thermal and low-light functions into two different, dedicated products, we can offer each one as a more economical package. Now consumers who are not looking for both functions can choose just the feature they need,” said Mike Bader, CEO of OceanView Technologies. “Our very popular combined Low-Light, Thermal-Imaging product is still available for consumers who want a camera with both capabilities.”

The OceanView Apollo II Thermal camera incorporates a thermal imager with a 2x digital zoom, an on-screen camera direction indicator and five choices of color pallets in which to view the image. The Low-Light version uses ultra-low-light technology discernable down to 0.00015 lux and amplifies even barely visible light to render a crisp, detailed picture in any low-light condition. Each camera features a 360° pan and tilt housing, as well as a camera position locater and a home button. The Apollo II Low-Light camera is available for an MSRP of $4,995, and the Apollo II Thermal model has an MSRP of $9,995.

The Apollo II model with combined Thermal and Low-Light functionality has an MSRP of $12,995. In addition, OceanView offers the upgrade Apollo II HD, a High-Definition model that delivers four times the resolution and twice the range of other thermal cameras, as well as 4x digital zoom. Retailing for $17,995, the Apollo II HD is the world’s finest yet least expensive HD Multiple Camera system.

All four of our Apollo II products make boating safer and more enjoyable by day, while also extending the day into night,” said Bader. “And, with the new LCD controller available on all our Apollo II products, the user has fingertip control and a clear view of the easy-to-read menu.”

OceanView offers a full line of Thermal-Imaging, Low-Light and high-quality color cameras. Its systems provide seamless integration with any marine monitor or TV, and integrate easily with all of today’s available marine electronics. “With the new Apollo II Thermal and Low-Light cameras, we have a solution appropriate to fit every need,” said Bader.

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