Oculus Technologies launch Odyss

Oculus Technologies has recently announced the the launch of their latest product, Odyss. This latest addition to their infotainment product range offers owners and guests a unique insight into the intelligence behind their onboard journey whilst simultaneously serving as an exclusive design feature.

Driven by aerospace grade technology and designed with fine craftsmanship, Odyss unveils real-time journey intelligence, acreating an enhanced onboard experience. The intuitive and interactive touch product keeps guests up to date with onboard journey data processed in to comprehensive information.

With a wide selection of finishes available, Odyss seamlessly blends with interiors and yet remains a distinguished statement piece. Every product is handcrafted and customised for each specific client, and multiple Odyss devices can be used throughout a yacht.

In addition to essential onboard data, Odyss has the capacity to include steward call, messaging, prayer assist, map visualisation, CCTV streams and photo feeds, as well as the option to add bespoke vessel related content such as animations, logos or introduction videos.

Odyss will be on display at the upcoming Monaco Yacht Show.

By Gemma Fottles



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