Oculus Technologies launches Engine Room App

Oculus Technologies have taken their experience in the field of interactive onboard infotainment to a new and more in-depth “technical” level. Their latest software development offers a virtual and interactive experience of the heart of the yacht and the technical systems that keep her running.

The virtual onboard engine room app is designed to provide owners and their guests with an experience of and insight into the beauty and technical features of the superyacht

It shows a 3D model of the entire engine room with realtime moving parts, info-graphics videos and animations. The user is able to select the propulsion systems, water purification, power distribution, structural parts and more to explore them in detail through a series graphical interfaces inspired by Hollywood blockbusters such as Iron Man and Minority Report.

The application has already seen success with an installation onboard of a very large new build superyacht project, and interest from several further Northern European projects.

By Maarten Janssen



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