Oneglia Port: Downton superyacht berths in Imperia

The Imperia-Oneglia port is situated in the scenic town of Imperia, between Genoa and Monaco. The area is described as one of the most attractive parts of the Ligurian coast and a highly recommended Cote d’Azur nautical and glamour destination. The port is now managed by Imperia Yacht, a company owned 100% by the city of Imperia.

Imperia-Oneglia port features 12 superyacht berths, able to moor yachts up to 75 metres in length with a draft of 7 metres. The port is equipped with 400Amp electricity and mooring ground lines. Other port facilities include; potable water and electricity (125-400 amps), full-time professional marina staff, bunkering station, ship chandler, diving service and collection service for rubbish.

All employees in Imperia Yacht have a long lasting experience in the marina business. Employees are dedicated to guests’ satisfaction and are excellent at resolving guest inquiries efficiently and courteously.

Furthermore, Imperia-Oneglia has many pleasantries to offer it's visitors - quiet and calm during the night, but just in front of downtown of Imperia where you can find bars, restaurants, fish and vegetable markets.

Imperia-Oneglia is situated at a short distance from the main airports: 50 minutes from Nice and Genoa and only 20 minutes from the private jet airport of Albenga.

In honour of its first season Imperia Yacht has announced a special offer for savings on berthing this summer. For any berth quotations and further information please contact Imperia Yacht directly.

Imperia Yacht Srl
Marco Negro
T: +39 183 752900 / M: +39 334 2882273
[email protected] / [email protected]



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