Opening of the new Monaco Marine repair yard in La Ciotat

Founded in the mid 90’s by entrepreneur Michel Ducros, Monaco Marine is a network of 6 refit and repair shipyards based in France from Monaco to La Ciotat. Service can be provided for yachts from 8m, up to 80m.

The recently opened Monaco Marine La Ciotat shipyard that is undoubtedly the largest megayacht facility in the Mediterranean. It is currently servicing the 38m Heesen Serenity, the 52m Amels, Kiss the Sky in the painting shed, the 32m Comex built Janus and the 48m Amels Lady Georgina.

Kiss the Sky was the first yacht to be hauled out on the 2000 tons capacity yachtlift®. She weighs 620 tons. She was followed by Janus, 225 tons, and Lady Georgina, 410 tons.

Construction on the site was started in 2005 with several months of ground consolidation work and it has continued in 2006 with the laying of the foundations for the 2000 ton yachtlift®, the 90 meter climate controlled painting shed and the large building dedicated to workshops and offices.

The Monaco Marine megayacht yard covers a total area of 35.000 square meters, with 2 200 square meters dedicated to the offices and workshops. The 33.000 square meters concrete apron allows to haul out up to fourteen yachts of a size between 40 and 80 meters. The 2000 ton Rexroth yachtlift® is positioned sideways against the quay feeding a large transfer and storage system on rails, giving maximum versatility and speed of operation.

A yacht can be lifted in 30 minutes and the whole hoisting and transfer operation will take no more than three or four hours. The great advantage of the layout is that there is a central maneuvering corridor that will always remain free while the yachts are parked in parallel slots along its sides. This effectively allows complete access to any of the fourteen yacht slots at any time without disturbing the other yachts.

Each yacht station on dry land is equipped with electricity, telephone and Internet access, compressed air and both fresh and sea water, allowing the hook-up of all on board equipment, including fire protection. There is also a hook-up for discharge of grey & black waters. Moreover the whole apron is connected to a used water decanting and purification system - with a 600 cubic meter overflow capacity - that will clean all used waters before discharge at sea, making the site fully compliant with European environmental regulations regarding the treatment of used industrial waters.

The 90 meter painting shed allows painting operations for large yachts on the hard and in a clean environment equipped with a 180,000 m3 / hr air ventilation and heating system. Monaco Marine La Ciotat shall soon employ about 80 and give work to 250/300 outside subcontractors, The total investment is of 45 million euros, 21 of these covered by Monaco Marine and the rest by the public partners.



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