Orbit wins order to supply MTI Group with advanced marine broadband SatCom Systems

Orbit - a recognized leader with over 50 years of experience in the development of advanced mobile SatCom solutions for commercial and government applications - announced the receipt of an order to supply marine stabilized communication to MTI Group (Milano Teleport Italia), an Italian provider of satellite communications. Orbit will supply a large quantity of AL-7108 systems for global marine communications, to be delivered during the next year for MTI’s recently launched iseaglobal Maritime Service™.

Orbit’s AL-7108 is a mature, sophisticated 2.4m C-band antenna that delivers 2-way, high-speed, always-on, broadband connectivity - enabling dependable inter-continental communications. Among its many capabilities, it enables onboard Internet, data, GSM cellular, phone, fax, streaming video, videoconferencing and more. Globally operational at hundreds of installations, the system’s reliability on large ships has been extensively proven around the world. It is ideal for all types of marine applications, including cargo, cruise ships & ferries, oil & gas, vessels & rigs as well as Navy vessels.

With the unrivalled penetration capacity offered by satellite technology, iseaglobalTM attracts various types of customers such as commercial shipping, medium-high and high-level private yachts and motorboats, cruise and passenger lines. iseaglobalTM provides a wide range of services including: satellite surveillance, navigation and telemetry, ERP or custom management, video-surveillance and video-conferencing, as well as normal Internet navigation, e-mail, instant messaging and digital quality telephone channels (Voice over IP) for crew and passengers. This advanced solution enables shipping companies to supply their passengers with public access services such as GSM coverage for ordinary cell phones and “Internet Cafés” - offering new potential profits as the company re-sells these services to its passengers.

According to Shlomo Yariv, President and CEO of Orbit, “We are proud to be part of the maritime broadband communication revolution, and are very pleased to have been selected for this project which will further enhance our position in the European market. As an add-on order, it is evidence of MTI’s satisfaction with the solutions we have already supplied, and is an expression of their confidence in our technological capabilities and expertise.”

Pietro Guerrieri, Milano Teleport Italia CEO, stated: “I am very happy about the significant success that our iseaglobalTM solution is increasingly gaining in the maritime market of merchant and cruise ships. To achieve this, we have leveraged the use of Orbit’s marine VSAT kit - which has proven to be a high performance and reliable solution - with MTI’s long-term experience in the customization of broadband access services and dedicated customer service. Our new service allows mobile units, while at sea, to rely worldwide on always-connected broadband IP-links, with convenient flat-rate billing solutions. MTI is proud to be an influential player at the beginning of the SeaDSL era.”



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