How to style-up your superyacht with the perfect carpet

Written by Laura Nicholls

From getting out of bed in the morning and feeling the silky textured rug underneath your feet, to appreciating the captivating patterned carpet leading you up the stairs, what is felt underfoot on board a superyacht massively contributes to the sense of wellbeing and the style of an entire room. 

The expert carpet designers at Oliver Treutlein (OT) are only too aware of this, creating bespoke carpets for some of the most notable superyachts afloat today. Having just finished a project that required wall-to-wall 100% silk carpets on board, company owner Oliver Treutlein shares a unique insight into how he goes about fitting luxury superyachts with worthy floor coverings. Oliver Treutlein company founder (OT Oliver Treutlein)Liaise with the superyacht interior designer 

Those owners who like to take the lead on bringing their superyacht interior vision to life will appreciate the process that OT has worked hard to perfect. The three in-house textile designers often work closely alongside the yacht’s interior designer to ensure a cohesive overall aesthetic. OT Oliver Treutlein carpets“There is no limit to what we can do with a carpet design and so each project becomes very unique and memorable,” Treutlein explains. “For example, designer Sam Sorgiovanni recently invited me to Australia to discuss a project. We ended up collecting leaves from the Australian Bush and Sam and his team put them together to create a special vegetation carpet design.”OT Oliver Treutlein carpetsOT Oliver Treutlein carpetsChoose the custom elements

By hand weaving their textiles from natural fibres, such as pure silk, linen or New Zealand virgin wool, Treutlein ensures that technology and computers don’t completely take over from traditional methods. In doing so, the team is able to include bespoke design features: “We were the first to inlay metal ornaments into carpet for a collection – this is the kind of product we can develop with a client. It’s an important part of the creative process, as there are many beautiful carpets and rugs in the world and we need to work hard to find the perfect match, design, colour, size and quality.” Such elements are manufactured to perfection. “A carpet for a guest suite needs at least three weeks’ of tufting work until it is ready,” adds Treutlein – a process which guarantees the product is long-lasting and therefore sustainable.OT Oliver Treutlein carpetsOT Oliver Treutlein carpetsOrder it hand-delivered and precision-fitted

The OT team oversees their creations through to the end: when the carpet is fitted perfectly on board. “After all, the excellence of the end product can only be guaranteed if personal responsibility is taken for every single operation and detail,” says Treutlein. Once fitted, rugs, large one-off carpets, wall-to-wall fittings and stair runners all contribute to an exclusive reception, a pleasant atmosphere and individual style – attributes which help to make a superyacht the perfect place to be.   OT Oliver Treutlein carpetsTo find out more about the German firm’s hand-tufted carpets, contact the Oliver Treutlein team directly using the information found below.



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