Otam unveils the Millennium 100 in Monaco

The OTAM shipyard, based in Genova and known for unique sport boats picked the Monaco Yacht Show for the world premiere of their latest project, the Millennium 100. The Millennium 100, which will be able to reach speeds in excess of 50 knots, is joint design effort by Tagliavini for the hull, Mancini for the exterior and Salvagni for the interior, in close cooperation with the shipyards own design department.

Umberto Tagliavini comments "The hull is designed to ensure high speeds, also in rough seas and allows for those on board a great comfort perception. We drew a Monohedric hull with very sharp bow corners. The engines can either be two or three 2600hp MTU, respectively, for speeds of 45 and 53 knots. The structure is made of Kevlar composite with the infusion system for considerable savings in weight and in environmental impact, both in construction and in navigation".

Enthusiasticly, Gianfranco Zanoni, CEO of the shipyard, comments on the process that led to the conception of this new model: "It as been very stimulating assisting in the design and in the planning of the new OTAM Millennium 100'. Having in mind the main characteristics of two important models, such as the 58' and 65', the two open yachts that made OTAM famous in the world, we focused on the exploitation of the spaces and of the volumes, presenting a natural evolution of OTAM’s yachts."

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