Out Now: the first 2019 issue of the SuperYacht Times newspaper

Written by Vivian Hendriksz

SuperYacht Times is thrilled to announce that its first newspaper issue for the new year is out now! Exclusively available via subscription, the 24th edition of the SYT newspaper takes on a new, condensed format which includes all the familiar features and sections, in a shorter, informative and visual layout. This easy-to-digest format also breaks away from our previous thematic structure to a more inclusive and broader format, to ensure we bring you the most important, need-to-know news. SuperYacht Times Newspaper Issue 24Photo: SuperYacht TimesWhile working on this newspaper, the editorial team and I had the privilege of speaking with some of the leading players in the industry to learn more about innovation in yacht design, the importance of family values and what it takes to run a successful business. Although our new format does not centre on a single theme, a red string of fate linking our features together emerged, as everyone we spoke to shared a bright, upbeat and positive outlook for the future of yachting. At the same time, numerous insiders also took the chance to underline the importance of being prepared for any situation.  SuperYacht Times Newspaper Issue 24Photo: SuperYacht TimesOne shipyard that is hard at work ensuring it’s business is ready for the future of the superyacht industry as it set sail for an impressive 2019 is Heesen. We had lunch with Chief Executive Officer of the Dutch yard, Arthur Brouwer, and Director of Sales and Marketing, Mark Cavendish, during which the duo shared more about Heesen’s business strategy and how it supports their ongoing growth.  SuperYacht Times Newspaper Issue 24Photo: SuperYacht TimesAnother yachting-based company busy laying the foundation for its future longevity is Winch Design. We travelled to the Old Fire Station in London to chat with the studio’s charismatic owner Andrew Winch to learn more about the studio’s new management team, the challenges of superyacht design and the importance of empowering creatives in the industry.  SuperYacht Times Newspaper Issue 24Photo: SuperYacht TimesTo us, it is clear that by harnessing the power of creativity, the superyacht industry will be able to push the boundaries of innovation in technical design. This is precisely what the build-team behind one of the most advanced projects to date, the 80-metre Artefact, has done. SYT went behind the scenes to hear more about this Nobiskrug built superyacht, the industry’s first hybrid superyacht to feature a DC bus system, batteries and a variable speed diesel electric ABB pod propulsion system.  SuperYacht Times Newspaper Issue 24Photo: SuperYacht TimesIN THIS ISSUE:    

The Interview - How Heesen is Safeguarding its Business for the Future  
Profile - Andrew Winch on Building Winch Design  
Design - Q&A with Mark Tucker, founder of Design Unlimited  
Onboard - Solo, Tankoa’s latest Made-in-Italy masterpiece  
At The Yard - Artefact: Where Art Meets Science  
Yacht Life - Anecdotes from the Patagonian Fjords  
  ...and much, much more.

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