Ownership: Massimo Perotti and his 33m SP110 yacht Almax

In May of this year the Italian shipyard Sanlorenzo unveiled its latest yacht, the innovative SP110, the first model of the shipyard’s new Smart Performance range, which has been created with a vision for high performance and maximum efficiency. Almax yacht cruising near CannesPhoto: Ruben Griffioen / SuperYacht TimesThanks to a fractional propulsion system, the boat is able to move around using just one engine, a pair, or all three; thus allowing great flexibility, low consumption and differential autonomy depending on the desired speed. Massimo Perotti, CEO of Sanlorenzo, is the first owner to take delivery of an SP110 motor yacht and as he is always heavily involved in the development of new yacht projects, we caught up with Mr Perotti to find out more about the vessel, from the unusual perspective of both shipyard and yacht owner. Massimo Perotti, CEO of SanlorenzoPhoto: SanlorenzoHow involved were you with the development of this yacht, both in terms of her design and the innovations she houses?

I was very much involved, just as I am involved with all the new projects. Seeing a new yacht taking shape, sketch after sketch and then actually being launched gives me the utmost satisfaction. The team behind SP110 is the key factor to the success of this boat: under the supervision of Tilli Antonelli and Bernardo Zuccon for the exterior lines and Piero Lissoni for the interiors, they have been able to create the perfect balance between style, elegance and performance. Innovations are at the very core of this yacht but, as always, within the tradition of Sanlorenzo. Almax yachtPhoto: SanlorenzoWith solar panels and water jet propulsion both featuring, how important are sustainable solutions to you, both as a builder and as a yacht owner?

SP stands for Smart Performance, two words that perfectly embody the essence of SP110. As I have said before, thinking of a new yacht project without keeping sustainability well in mind is no longer possible or practical. We have been building yachts for many years in Ameglia, surrounded by beauty inside a natural park, therefore adopting a sustainable approach is the only possible way of building. As an owner, I want to do whatever is possible to minimise the impact of my boat on the environment so all the new solutions that keep the CO2 emission to a minimum level, if not to a zero level, are always not only our, but also my, personal goal.Almax yacht saloonPhoto: SanlorenzoCan you tell us a little about the hydro jet propulsion system and its benefits?

Unlike propellers, hydro jet propulsion is not impacted by displacement and consequently it is an efficient propulsion form in all load conditions. This means that the yacht is extremely manoeuvrable, and the absence of noise and vibrations let me enjoy the rear cockpit in full comfort even at full speed. Last but not least, the very low draft (1.30-metres) which is necessary for hydro jet propulsion, allows the yacht to anchor very close to the beach especially in the Bahamas shallow watersAlmax yacht cruising

With top speeds of 45 knots, how do you prioritise speed and comfort – how do you intend to use this superyacht?

Due to the hydro jet propulsion, even at 45 knots, the boat is absolutely enjoyable and you really do not feel such a high speed. Therefore, there is no compromise on comfort. I will use the boat with my family and my friends; it is my place to relax and enjoy the sea in my element.Almax yacht deckPhoto: SanlorenzoWhat are your favourite features onboard this yacht?

This is a difficult question. The generous transom is an area that gives me total freedom and enjoyment: you have your toys and your sun lounges where you can sit with your friends so close to the sea and enter the water with no barriers. But there is another area which has been a very pleasant surprise! This is my first coupe and, to be honest, I was afraid that I would miss the flybridge, with its panoramic views and open layout offering the best breeze. In fact I do not miss it at all because when you sit on the main deck aboard the SP110 you have this wonderful sensation of being at sea, with a breeze flowing through the open doors and windows which lower all the way down – it is just like standing on the flybridge.Almax yacht cruisingWhat about the SP110 are you most looking forward to enjoying? 

Sitting at anchor in a quiet Sardinian bay with my family, feet dangling in the water from the transom. I can not think of a better way to spend my evening.Almax yacht cruising near CannesPhoto: Ruben Griffioen / SuperYacht Times

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