Oxygène Yachts selects Couach shipyard as construction partner

The Air Range from Oxygène Yachts will be unveiled at the Cannes Yachting Festival. The Air 66, Air 77W and Air 99 have all been added to the range this year in addition to the original Air 77, the prototype of which was presented at Cannes 2013.

The Air 77 is a power catamaran, and attracted attention for her huge 33 sqft door cut into the front of the roof - a move away from the traditional way of separating indoor and outdoor space. Since then, Oxygène Yachts has signed a partnership agreement with Couach Shipyard for the construction of the new range. This model will be presented to the press and public for trials during Spring 2015.

Across the whole range, the lightness of the models, their shallow draught and Ultrajet/Masterjet turbine engines means that they are incredibly easy to handle. Every model has an intentionally restricted top speed and very reasonable fuel consumption. Innovations on board include double glazing which becomes darker or brighter according to the amount of sunlight thanks to an electronic process incorporated into the glass.

By Gemma Fottles



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