OYS Smooth Deck Cup Turnbuckles

Attractive aesthetic design and improved yacht performance are just some of the benefits of Ocean Yacht Systems’ second generation Smooth Deck Cup Turnbuckles. For superyacht builders and owners, the advantages are obvious as the bespoke fittings are based on a principle similar to a ball and socket joint, rather than the more traditional lug and toggle design meaning better looks, a lower profile height above deck level and easier installation.

The turnbuckles have been installed on a new 56m sloop for one of the largest operators in the industry and OYS, world leader in the supply of superyacht rigging and hydraulics, has received much praise for its design.

OYS Technical Director, Mike ‘Jaffa’ Orange, explained: “We’re known for our ability to provide custom designed solutions and take the seed of an idea and develop it further. For the 56m sloop, we started exchanging initial sketches with the customer and finished with some very complex engineering, before we had production drawings for the turnbuckle system – and the end result has been hugely successful"

It’s important that any equipment on a superyacht looks good as well as being functional. We’ve designed a great looking solution that has a lower profile, is narrower and less bulky and obtrusive than traditional turnbuckles."

This is also a sleeker assembly so there is less chance of sails or ropes snagging or chafing and it should be easier to clean and be less of a trip hazard as well.”

In simple terms a ball joint sits inside a cup which is fixed to a chain-plate ‘tube’ mounted below deck level. The upper section of the ball joint protrudes upwards through a removable top cup, positioned at deck level. From here, OYS’s wide range of rigging end terminations for either PBO or Rod rigging can be attached, depending upon the design of each individual rig.

Previously, installation had to be completed prior to any interior joinery being installed, potentially representing an area of inconvenience to boat builders. In contrast, this new second generation design avoids the need to load and install the fitting from the underside of the cup. Furthermore, due to the ball and socket principle, it’s also easier to ensure rigging loads are correctly aligned.

The new design is also a lighter mechanism than traditional systems with a lower centre of gravity. The reduced protruding height from deck level means less windage, better visibility and, conveniently, a reduction of the negative effects of sunlight reflection during the day or, conversely, navigation lights during the night.

For aluminium hulled yachts, there is less chance of aluminium to stainless corrosion because the stainless steel fitting is effectively isolated from the hull by a very strong resin/shimming compound which further helps to seat the fittings together.

OYS Smooth Deck Cup Turnbuckles are priced, manufactured and supplied according to the needs and specification of each yacht individually.



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