Oyster fleet sets off on 2-year World Rally

Written by Charl van Rooy

A fleet of Oyster sailing yachts departed Nelson’s Dockyard in Antigua a week ago as they set off on the 2017-19 edition of the sailing brand’s World Rally. The Rally will see the fleet of 31 yachts from 12 different countries cover 30,000 nm over the next 27 months as the yachts circumnavigate our planet.

The first stage of the Rally will keep the yachts in the Caribbean as the fleet explores the islands of this tropical cruising grounds. The yachts will gather at the Panama Canal in early March ahead of taking on the Pacific Ocean for stage two of the Rally.

Oyster Group CEO, David Tydeman was on scene to see the fleet off:“It is so exciting to see the fleet underway at last. It has taken years of preparation to get here, some entries camein four yearsago.These sailors have already formed friendships that will just grow as the rally continues. We have a lovely range of boats and this fleet is whatOysteris all about; family and friends sailing on boats that they can handle by themselves with just a handful of people on board.

The third Oyster World Rally will start in January 2021. Track the fleet using the tracking app, here.



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