Palladium Technologies launches new entertainment system

Palladium Technologies introduces a new entertainment system featuring customized audio/visual solutions and cabin control options.

The innovative Apollo system provides packages tailored to individual vessels, supporting entertainment features such as cable and streaming satellite TV, an extensive library of movies and music, multi-zone and individualized audio/video control and Internet access. Apollo allows users to control HVAC systems, lighting and window treatments as well as access the vessel’s integrated SiMON monitoring system. The unit can configure to display full-motion video from external sources including security cameras, DVD players and video servers with built-in microphone speakers for application feedback, video chatting or intercom systems.

Easy-to-use panels are available in multiple sizes and stylish trim options. For handheld use, Palladium offers remote operation via the highly portable Apple iPod Touch™. Fixed controls include high-resolution mountable widescreen touch panels in a variety of sizes as well as 20- and 24-inch customized tabletop touch panels.

“Its graphical interface makes Apollo easy to master and allows yacht owners to remain in control of their entire environment,” said Mike Blake, president, Palladium Technologies. “Our goal with this product is to enhance the yachting experience by providing a convenient and centralized entertainment and cabin control system.”



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