Palma Superyacht Brokerage & Charter Show roundup

Celebrating its 30th anniversary and attended by the Crown Prince of Spain, Felipe, the Palma Superyacht Brokerage & Charter Show made a firm comeback this year with over 37,000 attendees between 1st-5th May in the port of Palma.

In its milestone year, the show marked quite a sumptuous affair of firsts with Spanish Royalty paying a surprise visit for the first time in 30 years to present the Marcial Sanchez-Barcaiztegui Award and the show incorporating brokerage and charter for the very first time with outstanding results.

Arne Ploch, yacht broker at Camper & Nicholsons: “For the first time the Boat Show represents what yachting actually is in Mallorca - an industry that makes its living from the larger yachts. We had a unique amount of sailing superyachts and, as the show was organised by an association of half a dozen brokers, we worked hard to achieve the aim we wanted – to sell boats. We welcomed owners, clients and received two offers on one boat. Everyone is in a very positive mood and this is certainly the beginning of something much bigger in Palma. Next year we will bring more boats and expect more clients. It is now a question of working hard to establish the show on the nautical calendar.”

Palma Superyacht Brokerage and Charter Show
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