Palumbo Group expresses interest in acquiring ISA Shipyards

Palumbo Group have made an official bid to acquire the ISA Group Shipyards in Ancona, Italy. In their bid to take over the facility, Palumbo intends to use the shipyard as adedicated new build and major refitting facility, utilising the local sub contractors whom have worked with Palumbo Shipyards in the past.

"Our plan," says Giuseppe Palumbo - CEO of the Group, "is focused on the confluence of part of the production of new Yacht builds in the Ancona Shipyard. It is indeed our intention to build in the Ancona Shipyard both with our historic "Columbus Yachts" brand and with the ISA brand. We would particularly like to start the production immediately with the Columbus 40SH, and once the legal proceeding is terminated and the yard acquired, continue with the ISA650 model”.

The news comes shortly after two other Italian companies, The Fritelli Group and Wider Yachts, each expressed their interest in acquiring the ISA shipyard as well.



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