Palumbo launches Sport Hybrid series in style in Monaco

At the 22nd Monaco Yacht Show, the Palumbo shipyard unveiled a whole new line of superyachts. The Italian yard chose the perfect setting for their event, the stunning Salle Empire at the Hotel de Paris. Sophisticated, Unique, Friend of Nature, these are the characteristics of the new Sport Hybrid line of superyachts. Reducing fuel consumption, pollution and noise will be key aspects.

The yachts in this new line measure from 25 up to 65 metres in length, and will all be equipped with a Siemens Ecoprop Hybrid system, which is an electric propulsion system, reducing engine noise, and keeping pollution to a minimum.

Besides the Sport Hybrid series, the yard is also working on two more traditional superyacht, of 55 and 65 metres. However, environmental awareness also applies to these displacement yachts. Giuseppe Palumbo, the general manager of the yard commented: "The marine environment is a priceless good which we all have the obligation to respect and preserve, especially those like us, who construct yachts that must be environmentally friendly".

Palumbo Shipyard
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By Maarten Janssen



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