Pastrovich announce 90m superyacht concept, X-Kid Stuff

Pastrovich, the Monaco based design studio, has unveiled the 90 metre motor yacht X-Kid Stuff. The concept blurs the lines between absolute luxury and utility.

She is able to store everything from jet skis to 15 metre explorer ribs, whilst also bringing the versatility of a small pleasure craft. By deploying a simple, inflatable modular jetty, Owner’s are granted the luxury of being able to merely walk right on to the beach. This is a feature not only convenient and unconventional for a yacht of this size, but opens up the possibilities of carrying quad bikes, jeeps, motorbikes and other vehicles to any destination, with the ability to simply drive on land straight from the boat.

X-Kid Stuff has a low draft, high level technology and lightweight materials. The lightweight aspect is the main focus, with the entire hull is made in carbon fiber, floating decks in titanium, and the large openings and superstructure all made in lightweight materials.

In regards to the interior, there is an open deck concept, where one space is partitioned to fit with the next. The idea is that there are no boundaries,and the interior flows seamlessly into the exterior. With the movement of a single wall, those individual spaces can be opened into one enormous open area.

Traditionally yachts are built using transverse and longitudinal beams, X-Kid stuffs’ structure itself is hexagonal, with the interior design matched to the structure. The design exploits the beauty of the hexagon form and puts into good use with a modular arrangement of walls and furniture resulting in a very usable, practical interior arrangement.

By Gemma Fottles



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