Getting to know the next generation of Perini Navi Argonaut motor yachts with Sales Director Luca Boldrini

Written by Laura Nicholls

“Everybody loves our sailing yachts”, said Luca Boldrini, Motor Yacht Sales Director at Perini Navi. The expansion of Perini Navi - a globally recognised brand and yacht builder known for their distinctive sailing yachts - to include a range of motor yachts: the Perini Navi Argonaut range, has been in the making for a number of years. “It’s an evolution,” Boldrini explained, “and we were never going to release it until it was exactly as we envisioned it.”

Luca Boldrini Perini NaviPhoto: Perini Navi

The new flagship superyacht concept - the 93-metre Argonaut - introduced last summer is accompanied by an 83-metre, 73-metre, 63-metre and 53-metre version. All of which share the same distinctive profile: a fusion of the classic Perini Navi sailing yacht with the use of space and low rise superstructure seen in traditional motor yachts. Perini Navi MY 63m exteriorPhoto: Perini naviWhat was the inspiration behind the Argonaut range, and how was the gap in the market identified? 

After conducting market research, we saw a demand for a highly efficient vessel with distinguished optimised spaces and a low profile. In 2016 we were at the Monaco Yacht Show, we were exhibiting Badis (previously Sybaris). Franco Romani (Perini Navi Style and Design Director) and I, were in the Yacht Club having lunch watching Badis enter the marina and it was amazing to see everyone's reaction. It was that moment we said, “What if we take the style of our sailing yacht and place it on top of the hull of a motor yacht harmonised with the same areas and spaces of a traditional motor yacht.” So that was it! Perinin Navi Argonaut motoryacht 53m exteriorPhoto: Perini naviIn terms of market research, we looked into the requirements of a small selection of passionate clients who are in love with the look and feel of sailing yachts and wish to execute ‘blue water style’ of cruising. Furthermore, among these selected clients, many of them love the distinctive and elegant look of Perini Navi. So we began looking into creating something that was not a tall building and had our classic model lines that many clients like and consider iconic. We looked very carefully at what was essential to include in the yacht’s content and layout as we were keen to propose the right balance between a traditional motor yacht and our new line. Perini Navi Argonaut motor yacht 83m exteriorPhoto: Perini NaviHow have things developed since the range of Vitruvius yachts with Philippe Briand transpired, who has also evolved his designs into motor yachts? 

The Perini Navi Voyager line was the very first example of cross-fertilisation between a sail yacht and a motor yacht and was developed in partnership with Vitruvius and Philippe Briand. The three vessels delivered up to date were the very first specimen of this product. With Exuma, Briand and Perini Navi took a different road that many clients liked. Feadship's Najiba is one of the latest examples of this. Perini Navi Voyager 56m exteriorPhoto: Perini NaviHas Perini Navi had much interest from prospective clients for the Argonaut range?

Yes absolutely, as we speak, we also have negotiations undergoing for another two vessels and I hope to know the outcome of these very soon. Otherwise, we have three motor yachts currently under construction, two of which are to the designs of Phillippe Briand’s Voyager range.  Perini Navi Argonaut motor yacht 83m exteriorPhoto: Perini NaviPerini Navi Argonaut motor yacht 83m exteriorPhoto: Perini NaviCan you describe the ideal owner for the Argonaut range?

The ideal owner of the Argonaut range is an understated, passionate who loves the blue water style cruise and wants a perfect balance between spaces and aesthetic in their superyacht. If you look at the boats we have built, they have been everywhere and are cruising all the time. Today, Exuma has done more than 120,000nm and is our first expedition yacht. The second was Galileo G, the unique, first true ice-class yacht which has now done over 90,000nm. The latest one you see, Nautilus (previously Grace E), is going around the world everywhere from the North Pole to the South Pole and Australia since her delivery in 2014 and has done over 70,000nm.Perini Navi Argonaut motor yacht 63m exteriorPhoto: Perini naviWhat were the challenges coming into the superyacht division, and how did Perini Navi overcome them?

Clients know Perini Navi for our sailing yachts and not for motor yachts, so our challenge is to be known as the creator of both. Since we are responding to the demands of our clients, it was also a challenge inside the company to push the people who usually work on sailing yachts to understand that there are different ways to go on the sea. We want to approach this differently to our competitors, but not just for the sake of being different.



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